Uche offers construction project & contract management services to oversee every aspect of a client’s home construction. The firm guides clients to select the right delivery system for their project and helps shortlist the right builders for the job. The architects guide clients through the tender process and work with them to allocate risk in a way that is beneficial to all parties.

For example, it’s not in the clients interests to try and transfer unknown risks (like earthworks) on to the contractor because they inevitably pay the price in the long run. From experience, it is better to spend more time upfront before contracting out the works trying to minimise the unknowns and give the contractor the information they need to manage the risks. For example, on the Coastal home, Wellington, we started our design by getting an earthworks contractor to work with a geo-tech engineer to drill holes around the site and positioned the house on parts of the site with the best soil conditions.


As part of the contract management services we set up and administer the contract between the client and the building contractor allocating risks, costs and defining payment and time and other contract performance requirements. We carry out site visits on a regular basis and manage all site meetings to iron out any issues that arise as we work with the contractor to build your dream home on time and within budget.