We've designed and built two houses with Uche, which is a testament to how much we've enjoyed working with him. I'd be the first to say that we are challenging clients. Each time we've come to him with a big list of design requirements and a lot of ideas. He really listened to us and took onboard all of our hopes and dreams, but he also challenged our preconceptions and steered us toward solutions that were innovative and practical. One of the great things about Uche is how willing he is to think outside the box, but then also bring the big ideas back to earth and come up with a design that is buildable within a budget. He's been really good working with our builders, keeping things on schedule and on budget, and working through the inevitable surprises that crop up with pragmatism and efficiency. We feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work with him!
Dan + Signy
As qualified carpenters we really appreciate the knowledge and passions that Uche has shown us over the projects we have worked with him on. His vision & ability to keep to budget is a huge help to the customers and to ourselves. Uche's working drawings were easy to follow and he was a pleasure to work with and willing to help us with any queries we or the customer had in a timely manner while also keeping us on target for the vision and desired outcome.
David Whitehead, Lifebuilt Construction Ltd.
Since Uche remodeled our Wellington bungalow in 2009, we’ve had a Lotto win fantasy – if we won the big one, we’d fire a chunk of money to Uche and give him free rein to design us a beautiful space to live. That fantasy is ongoing, but a move to a not-quite stunning house in Whangarei gave us a chance to get a little of the Uche magic. His vision transformed our kitchen/dining/entrance/bedroom space into a usable area that really takes advantage of the setting and is in keeping with the rest of the house – and now the whole place is stunning. We’re still buying that Lotto ticket every week though!
Rob & Bronwyn, Whangarei
Planning a renovation is exciting, but also stressful. Often you kind of know what you want, but are not sure how exactly it will work with your space. Uche walked us through all the steps, explaining and advising how best to get a good estimate of price and how the consent process would work. In terms of design, he is more than happy to come forward with his own concepts, help you work through tricky layout issues and also to step back, if you have a clear idea of what you want. He will then convert these ideas and concepts into concrete plans, including digital 3D models, so you can see exactly how they would work in situ. I would have no hesitation in recommending Uche to others needing architectural services.
Lisa & Gerard, Devonport, Auckland
Uche is very easy to work with. He took the time to understand what I needed out of the project. His ideas were fantastic. When I bought the house, I had no idea what a huge change Uche could make to the property. He has cleverly retained aspects of the property that add value and built a new house around it. He has also impressed me with his strategic focus on project delivery, having a builder and Quantity surveyor involved in all aspects of the project to ensure that we keep to budget.
Ben, Hurstmere Road, Takapuna
Uche sat down with us and helped us define what we wanted and the turned that into an amazing concept. We loved that it all came in on budget and he was great at managing the build process and negotiating with the builder for us. We have had a fantastic result and really love the house that Uche designed for us.
John & Ann Marie, Westmere, Auckland