In 2020 as the cloud of covid spread around the globe, I signed the loan documents and settled on the purchase of our neighbours house.

The timing seemed terrible at the time.

I had no design, just a vague idea and I was now committed to borrowing more money from the bank than I had ever done before. I was convinced that under the new Auckland Unitary Plan (put in link), I would be able to build a new home for my family in the space between my existing house and the one I had just bought.

As I scribbled and sketched with sweaty palms designing a new house in the space occupied by the garages of both houses, I feared that I had made a terrible mistake!

Have a look at the video I made last year when the house was completed to see how it all worked out. We now live in a new house in between the two existing houses with views over the Waitemata and Lake Pupuke.

Built within the new town planning zone rules without the need for a resource consent, I like to think that this is a good example of how you can increase densities on larger sites without demolishing everything in sight (site – pun intended).

If you have a large site and are wondering what you can do with the land get in touch and we can arrange a meeting at your place to look at options. Its that simple.

We sold the house we used to live and now have a great neighbour and a house we love…. Hard to see the down side.

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