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Specialising in luxury coastal & beach homes in Auckland and around New Zealand. Having worked in the industry for 30 years, Uche has the architectural design experience and the network to make building your dream home a smooth process. If you’re looking for an Architect look no further.

Latest Projects

A selection of our most recent architectural design projects, from Auckland and New Zealand wide.

making the impossible, possible

Sounds cheesy, but we take pride in being able to design and build houses on the most complicated sites.
We specialise in designing challenging houses: on steep sites that are very exposed to strong winds; or with variable soil conditions that have earth quake implications; or difficult town planing rules etc. We relish the challenge of building "impossible" houses on one-off sites.
We have the creative and "out the box thinking" that enables us to design creative innovative solutions to the most complex problems.

Navigating the red tape

Its hard enough working on challenging sites, but most clients also need lots of help navigating the complex red tape of regulatory frameworks.
Unfortunately, its a fact of life that when you build anything these days, you have a maze of complex consenting requirements that you need to understand in order to optimise your build.
We are experts in this field and are also privileged to work with some of the best consultants in the residential space in Auckland and Wellington. We also have the expertise required to get buildings designed and built in remote locations, like the ones we built at Flatpoint in the Wairarapa.

We know how to design to budget

I have been fortunate enough to work in a few different countries, and New Zealand has one of the most fragmented residential construction sectors. Very little is prefabricated, and off site manufacturing is really only just taking off. So every project is be-spoke.
I have found that it pays (literally) to work with the same teams, and design systems that everyone in the team understands. A work site with subbies that are disorganised will cost clients money. In an industry dominated by small scale builders, its important to set contracts up that apportion risk sensibly.

30 years Architectural Experience in Residential Construction

With over 30 years of design experience. He is a creative innovative designer that has designed numerous award winning homes all over New Zealand. Have a look at what our clients say about my design skills. I have extensive experience designing apartments, townhouses and award-winning stand alone beach houses and coastal homes.

Building Information Technology Experts

We design and document all our projects on Archicad, building information management software. This platform allows us to communicate ideas clearly with clients and look at different options in a collaborative way with other consultants. It also allows us to generate data rich in cost information that guides how we proceed on a project.

Avoid the flash fash, build to last.

Some of the houses on our website were designed and built almost 25 years ago. Not very long time in building terms, but we take pride in knowing that it is hard to tell which were designed in early 2000s and which were built this year. We design and build houses with materials that age well and are durable. We use details and make forms that are based on architectural "rules" that are "timeless" so the homes we design will continue to work long after we stop.

Award winning Auckland architect designing luxury coastal homes and beach houses
Services Provided: Architecturally designed luxury Auckland and Wellington coastal homes; Beach house designs for Auckland, Coromandel and Northern beaches ;
Uche Daniel Isichei


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